Note from Michele Boudreaux, owner of Corporate Soul
My journey as a massage therapist, and subsequent owner of Corporate Soul, started several decades ago with the man I am about to introduce to you on this blog. His name is Fred Mitouer and he was and still is a friend and mentor to me. He has awakened and healed so many on this journey we call life, which all of us know can be very challenging on many levels. My hope is to allow you the reader an opportunity to be enriched for a few minutes a month while reading his words, which in my experience, always manages to take you a little deeper into your own somatic awareness. Until later…


Just Right

by Fred Mitouer
When the power of skilled and loving touch meets the membrane of another human body, a mysterious alchemy happens that organizes that body into greater cohesion and alignment. Tension that was oppressive becomes dynamic. And a person feels, resulting from that touch, more resilient and grounded.

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